The mission of Native Americans for Community Action, Inc., is to provide preventive wellness strategies, empower, and advocate for Native people and others in need to create a healthy community based on Harmony, Respect, and Indigenous Values.


Featured Program: Revenue Generating Dept.

Travis Draper has been with NACA since late 2013 when it was decided to bring billing in house. Mr. Draper attended post secondary education at NAU and has been involved and worked in health care since 1990 in IHS and the private sector. Travis decided to move to Flagstaff in 2008 and now lives here with family in beautiful Timberline below the Peaks. Travis received certification as a Professional Coder in 2012 and is now working on a CPPM certification. His primary functions and successes in Medical Billing/Revenue Generatinion are:

  • 95-99% provider credentialing with all major payers including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial
  • Accurate charge entry or delivery of services to payers for proper and maximum reimbursement
  • Increase revenue by 128% in the first year of in-house billing
  • Established provider and EFT enrollment for NACA Clearinghouse
  • Ensures consistent with Medicare Medicaid guidelines as a Federally Qualified Health Center
  • Strives to maintain an effective and efficient billing and revenue generating program that is compliant and competitive
  • Strives to achieve the goal of a higher level of financial stability for NACA
  • Facilitates the goal to implement a compliance program with industry standard policies and procedures.

Lastly Travis says "Overall,  the challenges are great and the demand that is called for can be stringent, but when I come home to a family, that is what it’s all about. Creator, family, and a purpose. This is mine and I welcome any challenges as it only serves to better myself and to align my goal in life with that of NACA’s– helping others. The words of my Grandmother always inspire me to carry through – we still have a job to do. Thank you NACA for the opportunity."

Tenillya Cody Pictured with ASAP Members

Coming from a small community on the Navajo Reservation, Tenillya focused on FHS students, who are also housed in the Kinlani Dorm aiming to take team work and collaboration to a whole new level outside of school hours.  As active members within the community, the ASAP Coalition managed by Tenillya, have developed an initiative for Tobacco-Free Parks within Flagstaff; eventually gathering support from the City of Flagstaff Parks and Recreation Commission and being featured on media sources. Such media sources included the Navajo-Hopi Observer and the NAZ Today giving them the opportunity to spread their efforts to surrounding communities in Northern Arizona.

Featured Program: ASAP

Tenillya Cody joined the NACA team in 2010 working under the WIA and Tobacco Prevention Programs. Upon graduating from Page High School in Page, Arizona Tenillya made Flagstaff her home with her husband (Matthew) and their two children (Ean and Haley). In the Fall 2010, Tenillya focused on the ‘Youth Driven’ youth coalition based out of Flagstaff High School (FHS), establishing ‘The Native Youth Coalition (NYC)’ through NACA. A native of Coppermine, Arizona and of Navajo descent, Tenillya is Naadaa Ligai Dine Tabaaha (White Corn Edge Water people), born Honaghaanii (One that walks around), maternal Grandparent To’dichiinii (Bitter Water), paternal grandparent Biih Bi’tooni (Deer Water). The NYC Coalition transformed into Arizona Students Aiming for Prevention (ASAP) at the end of 2014, they continued to partner with the Coconino County Public Health Services District and their youth coalition, Coconino Anti-Tobacco Students (CATS) from Coconino High School (CHS). 


Would like more information or how to get your youth involve, please contact :

Tenillya Cody, Health Educator/Youth Coordinator
Tobacco and Chronic Disease Program - Family Health and Wellness Center
1500 E. Cedar Ave. Ste. 26 & 52 - Flagstaff, AZ 86004
P: 928-773-1245 ext. 229 or email:

Featured Program: Circles of Care Project.

Jacelyn has been a social worker for 8 years and is currently working under the Community Development Department as the Program Manager for the Circles of Care project. This project's main focus is to collaborate with the American Indian youth, families, and the greater Flagstaff community to create a culturally appropriate, youth driven and family centered system of care model that will address children’s mental health care.
Jacelyn has dedicated herself to serve as an advocate for those in need, as well as striving to create positive change within the Flagstaff community.

Jacelyn Salabye became a member of the NACA team in November 2014. Jacelyn is Kinyaa’aanii (Towering House) born for Naasht’ezhi Tachii’nii (Zuni Red-Running-Into-The-Water), maternal grandparents are Naasht’ezhi Tabaaha (Zuni Edgewater) and paternal grandparents are Todich’ii’nii (Bitterwater).Jacelyn was born on the Navajo Nation and grew up in Winslow, Arizona. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in social work from Northern Arizona University (NAU), she then went on to earn her Master’s degree in social work (MSW) from Arizona State University (ASU). 



Contact Jacelyn Salabye and Circles of Care
928.526.2968 ext. 163

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