The mission of Native Americans for Community Action, Inc., is to provide preventive wellness strategies, empower, and advocate for Native people and others in need to create a healthy community based on Harmony, Respect, and Indigenous Values.


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Featured Provider

Dr. George Hershey has been apart of the NACA team since 2013. Dr. Hershey also serves as the head physician for the NAU Basketball and Football teams. 

A native of Bisbee, Arizona., Dr. Hershey earned a degree in education from Arizona State University, which he attended on a track scholarship. After Commissioning by the U.S. Marine Corps and serving a three-and-half year term, he enrolled at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 1968. Following a one-year internship in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Hershey opened a private practice in Flagstaff in 1970.

Dr. Hershey has served numerous stints on medical governing bodies and associations and participated on several sports medicine boards during the past two decades.

NACA is honored to have Dr. Hershey providing services to the NACA clientele. Dr. Hershey is a well respected doctor in the Flagstaff Community. 


Featured Fitness Specialist

Heidi Gabalski is the Lead Fitness Specialist at NACA. Heidi brings an array of knowledge and character to the NACA Family Health and Wellness Center.

With Fitness Degrees from Western State University of Colorado and a Kinesiology Degree from State University of New York Brockton, Heidi brings expertise in the field of fitness and nutrition. 

Heidi has been apart of the NACA team since 2010 where she conducts the following:

·       Basic and Comprehensive fitness evaluations on all participants
·       Creates custom training programs for all participants based on their individual fitness level, health status, needs and goals
·       Provides one on one and group training sessions for participants
·       Teaches adult weight loss, diabetes education, nutrition education, diabetes prevention education and group exercise classes
·       Oversees Wellness Center operations

Heidi has also done extensive work with both the NFL and Major League Baseball. Her expertise in physical therapy has helped many professional athletes in their respective sports.

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This organization was established with the idea that individuals are the key to change. We provide services for the community that support wellness & prevention. Join us in our mission to empower and advocate for Native people and others in need to create a healthy community based on Harmony, Respect and Indigenous values. More here...